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Kamran Jebreili is a self-trained Iranian Canadian photographer. He began his career as a photographer while studying Architecture in the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Tehran. As a passionate young photographer interested in culture, history, and architecture, he later transitioned into documentary photography after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, followed by the war between Iran and Iraq.

In 1990, he started working with Agence VU, a Paris-based photo agency, as their Tehran-based photographer, and collaborated with the Japanese Asahi Shimbun bureau as well. He moved to Dubai to work with the Associated Press in 1997 and has been with the Associated Press ever since.

Since 2016, he has been traveling between Dubai and Toronto to cover events and projects. Kamran has a broad range of photography ideas and projects and has worked in many different scenarios, creating his image diary of all the pieces he has made in his 30+ year career.


He starts a new position as photo editor based in Toronto working with the Global Photo Desk in New York.

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