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Abyaneh, Ancient Village (1981-1983)


For context, Abyaneh is a jewel.

A unique village with a rich history in architecture and culture. The beautiful narrow alleys with reddish clay walls and houses with wooden lattice window frames invite you to experience a unique harmony, an impeccable adaptation between man and his surroundings. This magical image becomes complete when a few women, dressed in floral-patterned outfits and carrying bundles of grass, enter the scene.

In the past, Abyaneh was one of the centers for handicrafts. However, like many other villages in Iran, the new generations preferred to leave and start a new life in big cities and abroad. Despite this, most of them return for traditional religious and feast ceremonies, enjoying the company of relatives and friends, transforming the atmosphere of the village altogether.

UNESCO World Heritage describes Abyaneh as one of the Iranian historical villages that contains works from the Sassanid period to the present time. It boasts several remarkable features, such as the unique temple of "Herpak," a Masjid e Jaame, Chief Mosque with a distinctive mihrab from the Seljukian period, and houses that harmonize with the climate and mountainous terrain. In daily conversations, one can hear Sassanid Pahlavic words, and the villagers' clothing is rooted in earlier times.

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